Monday, December 11, 2017

Conflict Attrition-Please Read

Excuse me for interrupting your usual browse of the tanks on this site, but I have an important announcement for a tank game I am developing. Below I linked out indiegogo page, also here.

Yea, I know, another tank game, it always seems like whenever there is a new tank game it is a disappointment. And yes, I know the page looks unimpressive but I will update it as assets come in. I want to make a plea with you to support our hiring of a programmer to put everything together.

The goal of Catainium's Tanks is to bring the community a realistic tank game where history matters, where fun matters, and most importantly the community matters. Midnight Lynx Entertainment was founded by a group of volunteers and is supported by the tank community who we thank very much for supporting the creation of Conflict Attrition, a game dedicated to their passion for armored vehicles.

Yes, I am the founder of Midnight Lynx Entertainment and the creator of Catainium's Tanks. The tank community has yet to have a game that truly takes their interests seriously and passionately. My goal is to bring them what they have always asked for, a tank game both realistic, fun, and historical. 

We face the challenge of being a small company of volunteers. We cannot pump out assets at the rate of million dollar companies. Which is precisely why we need help. Most of our problems such as tanks physics and server space can be solved with funding. Armor and ballistic mechanics will require much research but we can do it.

But, why do you care? There are plenty of other tank games right? How is this different? Well I will tell you what is different. This game is created by volunteers who have a passion for history and tanks, not a profit driven company that treats history second rate. Tanks from similar eras will fight tanks of similar eras.We listen to the concerns of the community and will try our best to implement mechanics that most players are comfortable with. The game is not meant to be grindy or frustrating. This game is not mean to force your hand deep into your pockets. Why help? Why not! Receiving the benefit of increased earnings and being able to play the demo will be a fun time you will never forget.

The goal with this funding is for a demo of the game, once we get a demo going we can expand and become self sufficient, bringing the community more tanks they love. Contributors will receive a demo of the game to play with us on the demo release date, you will also receive increased earnings of the in-game currency for the official release. If our goal is not reached we will still try to bring the game to fruition even if it comes out of our pockets. However we ask you to please help us bring this game to you. Any help we receive will allow to game to come faster and at higher quality!

Please support us here or contact me directly for other ways to help. 

Discord server is here (alternate link here)

Much thanks, Midnight Lynx Entertainment

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