■ Light/Tankette/Reconnaissance Tank
■ Medium/Main Battle Tank
■ Heavy/Super-Heavy Tank
■ Tank Destroyer/Gun Carrier
■ Cruiser Tank
■ Infantry Tank/Infantry Fighting Vehicle/Armored Personnel Carrier
■ Assault Tank
■ Self Propelled Artillery/Mortar Carrier
■ Self Propelled Anti-Aircraft
■ Other
EMIL 1951
Stridsvagn S S-Tank
Stridsvagn m/21
Stridsvagn m/31
Stridsvagn m/38
Stridsvagn m/39
Stridsvagn m/40
Stridsvagn m/41
Stridsvagn m/42
Stridsvagn 74
Stridsvagn 81
Stridsvagn 101
Stridsvagn 102
Stridsvagn 103

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