Wednesday, November 18, 2015

KH-60 Light Tank

The KH-60 was a Czechoslovakian light tank very similar to the KH-50 and the KH-70.  The tank was considered obsolete but two KH-60s were sent to the Soviet Union and one was sent to Italy.

Name: KH-60
Type: Light Tank
Origin: Czechoslovakia
Produced: 3 (at least)

Length: 4.55 Meters
Width: 1.9 Meters
Height: 2.38 Meters
Weight: 7570 Kilograms
Speed: 18 km/h (45 km/h on wheels)

Crew: 2

Primary Armament:
-37 mm gun
-47 mm Vickers
-75 mm howitzer (Planned)
Secondary Armament:
-7.92 mm Schwarzlose vz. 07/24

15 mm Front
12 mm Side
10 mm Rear
8 mm Top
8 mm Bottom
15 mm Front
15 mm Side
15 mm Rear
8 mm Top


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