Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Sturmgeschütz E 75 Assault Tank

The elusive Sturmgeschütz (StuG) E 75 was an assault tank based upon the chassis of the E 75. The tank never got past the planning stage. The tank would have been standardized for ease of production. No one knows what the tank looked like. The pictures used are just historians' impressions.
Name: Sturmgeschütz E 75
Type: Assault Tank
Origin: Germany
Produced: 0

Length: ~5.5 or Meters
Width: ~3 Meters
Height: ~3 Meters
Weight: 86364                                                
 Speed:  ~40 km/h

Primary Armament:
-150 mm L/52 StuK
Secondary Armament:
-No source
Gun Flexibility: -5 + 15 and 8 left and 8 right

Armor: (True values not known based on source)
150 mm Front
120 mm Side
120 mm Rear
-Upper Structure
150 mm Front
120 mm Side


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