Monday, March 28, 2016

T6 Medium Tank

The T6 Medium Tank was a further development of the M3 Lee and the direct precursor to the M4 Sherman. The tank was accepted into service (slightly modified) as the M4 and spawned many variants.
Name: T6
Type: Medium Tank
Origin: United States
Year: 1941
Produced: 1

Length: 5.638 Meters
Width: 2.717 Meters
Height: 2.921 Meters
Weight: 29937 Kilgrams
Speed: 33 km/h (38 km/h burst)

Crew: 5

Primary Armament:
-12.7 mm M2 (3) OR
-37 mm M6 (2) OR
-57 mm 6-Pounder OR
-75 mm M2 OR
-75 mm M3 OR
-105 mm howitzer OR
Secondary Armament: 
-7.62 mm M1919A4 (5)

Gun Flexibility:
25° Ascension
12° Depression

51 mm Front
38 mm Side
38 mm Rear
25 mm Top
25 mm Bottom
13 mm Bottom Towards Rear
76 mm Front (76 mm Gun Shield)
50 mm Side
50 mm Rear
25 mm Top


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