Thursday, April 28, 2016

ST-I Tank Destroyer

The ST-I was the Czechoslovakian postwar version of the Jagdpanzer 38 (t). It was originally a training vehicle (ST-III) but it was later armed with various guns.
Name: ST-I
Type: Tank Destroyer
Origin: Czechoslovakia
Year: 1945
Produced: 107

Length: 4.87 Meters?
Width: 2.63 Meters
Height: 2.17 Meters
Weight: 15750 Kilograms
Speed: 42 km/h (15 km/h off road)

Crew: 4

Primary Armament:
-75 mm StuK 40 OR
-75 mm PaK 49 L/48 OR
-76 mm A19 (experimental) OR
-85 mm vz. 44S (experimental)
Secondary Armament:
-None (despite the pictures, the guns were removed from the ST-I)

Gun Flexibility: ???°

60 mm Front
20 mm Side
20 mm Rear
10 mm Bottom
-Upper Structure
60 mm Front (60 mm Gun Mantlet)
20 mm Side
8 mm Rear
8 mm Top


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