Monday, May 2, 2016

Bernd Schmidt Fig. 14 Mortar Carrier

This tank is one of many tanks from a patent by Bernd Schmidt. This is one of the vehicles described under Fig. 14. It is a mortar carrier with a mortar sticking out the roof. There is no official name so in this post will call it the Bernd Schmidt Fig. 14.
Name: Bernd Schmidt Fig.  14
Type: Mortar Carrier
Origin: Germany
Year: 1969
Produced: 0

Length: 6.8 Meters
Width: 3.2 Meters
Height: ~1.2 Meters (basic hull)
Weight: ???
Speed: 70 km/h

Crew: 3 to 4 in the hull

Primary Armament:
-81 mm Heavy Mortar OR
-120 mm Heavy Mortar
Secondary Armament:
-Machine Gun

Gun Flexibility: ???°



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