Friday, May 13, 2016

Marder I Tank Destroyer

The Marder I was a response to the Soviet T-34 and KV-1 tanks. It was built on the Lorraine 37L chassis. It was later replaced by the Marder II. The tank was planned to have 105 mm and 150 mm guns for artillery purposes.
Name: Marder I
Type: Tank Destroyer
Origin: Germany
Year: 1941
Produced: 184

Length: 5.38 Meters
Width: 1.88 Meters
Height: 2 Meters
Weight: 8500 Kilograms
Speed: 38 km/h

Crew: 4

Primary Armament:
-75 mm PaK 40 L/46 OR
-105 mm Field Gun (Artillery) OR
-150 mm Field Gun (Artillery)
Secondary Armament:
-7.92 MG34

Gun Flexibility: ???°

6 mm Front
4 mm Side
6 mm Rear
4 mm Top
5-6 mm Bottom
-Upper Structure
9 mm Front (10 mm Gun Shield)
9 mm Side
7 mm Rear


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