Friday, May 6, 2016

T-111/T-46-5 Light Tank

The T-46-5 was a light tank designed by Ginzburg to replace the T-26. The project was delayed because the chief designer was being investigated. The project was eventually abandoned for projects like the T-126.
Name: T-46-5/T-111
Type: Light Tank
Origin: Soviet Union
Year: 1936
Produced: 1

Length: 5.4 Meters
Width: 3.14 Meters
Height: 2.41 Meters
Weight: 32250 Kilograms
Speed: 31 km/h

Crew: 3

Primary Armament:
-45 mm 20K OR
-76 mm PS-3 (Cancelled because designer was imprisoned, guns melted) OR
-76 mm L-10
Secondary Armament:
-7.62 mm DT (2)

Gun Flexibility: ???°

60 mm Front
50 mm Side
20 mm Top
20 mm Bottom
60 mm Front
50 mm Side
50 mm Rear
20 mm Top?


I cannot tell if this tank was also called "Object 111" or simply "111"

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