Tuesday, May 10, 2016

T-34-100 Medium Tank

The T-34-100 was created after an attempt to mount 100 mm guns the T-34-85. After the attempt failed a modified T-34 was designated T-34-100 mounting various 100 mm guns.
Name: T-34-100
Type: Medium Tank
Origin: Soviet Union
Year: 1944
Produced: 1 at least

Length: 9.15 Meters with gun
Width: ???
Height: ???
Weight: 33000 Kilograms

Crew: 3

Primary Armament:
-100 mm ZIS-100 OR
-100 mm D-10T OR
-100 mm LB-1
Secondary Armament:

Gun Flexibility: ???°

Armor (Only one source):
47 mm Front
60 mm Side
47 mm Rear
20 mm Top
21 mm Bottom
90 mm Front
75 mm Side


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