Friday, June 17, 2016

Light VIII Harry Hopkins A25 Light Tank

The Harry Hopkins was a British light tank built after the Tetrarch. The vehicle was named after one of the United States President Roosevelt's advisors. It did not enter service because the M22 Locust and Tetrarch met needs. The vehicle gave arise to the Alecto series, though not many were built and did not enter service.
Name: Light VIII Harry Hopkins A25
Type: Light Tank
Origin: United Kingdom
Year: 1942 (1943 first built)
Produced: 99 to 101

Length: 4.34 Meters
Width: 2.65 Meters
Height: 2.11 Meters
Weight: 8636 Kilograms
Speed: 48 km/h

Crew: 3

Primary Armament:
-40 mm 2-Pounder
Secondary Armament:
-7.92 mm BESA

Gun Flexibility: ???°

38 mm Front
20 mm Side
14 mm Rear
14 mm Top
8 mm Bottom
38 mm Front
17 mm Side
17 mm Rear
14 mm Top


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