Monday, September 19, 2016

T-45 Light Tank

The T-45 was a stop gap solution between the T-60 and the T-70 light tanks. The tank used wither the ZiS-5 or ZiS-16 (known as ZiS-60 for tanks) engines. The tank had 7-8 rounds per minute if still and 3 rounds per minute while moving.
Name: T-45
Type: Light Tank
Origin: Soviet Union
Year: 1942
Produced: 1

Length: 4.12 Meters
Width: 2.34 Meters
Height: 1.8 Meters
Weight: 7000 Kilograms
Speed: 37 km/h for ZiS-5 (40 km/h for ZiS-60)

Crew: 2

Primary Armament:
-45 mm 20K OR
Secondary Armament:

Gun Flexibility: °

35 mm Front (Could be upgraded to 45 mm)
35 mm Side


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