Thursday, September 8, 2016

Toldi I Light Tank

The Toldi I (38M Toldi) was a Hungarian light tank based off of the L-60. The vehicle had various guns proposed but most of them were too complicated to mount leading to a 20 mm AT rifle.
Name: Toldi I
Type: Light Tank
Origin: Hungary
Year: 1938
Produced: 80

Length: 4.75 Meters
Width: 2.14 Meters
Height: 1.87 Meters
Weight: 8700 Kilograms
Speed: 50 km/h

Crew: 3

Primary Armament:
-20 mm Solothurn (4 in Magazine) (Chosen armament) OR
-20 mm Gebauer  (alternative)
-25 mm Gebauer (altenative) OR
-25 mm Bofors (alternative) OR
-37 mm Bofors (alternative)
-40 mm 37M (alternative)
Secondary Armament:
-8 mm 34/37M

Gun Flexibility: °

13 mm Front
13 mm Side
6 mm Rear
13 mm Front
13 mm Side
13 mm Rear


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