Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Valentine II Infantry Tank

The Valentine II was a British infantry tank used during World War II. It had the 2-Pounder gun. Vehicles were sent to the Soviets where is was equipped with a 45 mm gun.

Valentine II with 45 mm gun
Name: Valentine II
Type: Infantry Tank
Origin: United Kingdom
Year: 1940
Produced: 700

Length: 5.41 Meters
Width: 2.63 Meters
Height: 2.27 Meters
Weight: 16500 Kilograms
Speed: 24 km/h (18 km/h)
Valentine II with 45 mm gun

Crew: 3

Primary Armament:
-40 mm 2-pounder OR
-45 mm F-95 (With Soviets)
Secondary Armament:
-7.92 mm BESA OR
-7.62 mm DT (With Soviets)

Gun Flexibility: °

60 mm Front Vertical 30 mm Front Horizontal
60 mm Side
65 mm Front
60 mm Side
Soviet Added Armor:
30 mm added to the Front Vertical (total 90)
105 mm Front


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