Monday, December 12, 2016

Aufklärungspanzer 38(t) Reconnaissance Tank

The Aufklärungspanzer 38(t) was a light tank based on the Panzer 38(t). It provided greater mobility to reconnaissance units on the Eastern front.
Name: Aufklärungspanzer 38(t)
Type: Reconnaissance Tank
Origin: Germany
Year: 1944
Produced: 70

Length: 4.51 Meters
Width: 2.14 Meters
Height: 2.17 Meters
Weight: 9750 Kilograms
Speed: 42 km/h

Crew: 4

Primary Armament:
-20 mm KwK 38 L/55
Secondary Armament:
-7.92 mm MG42

Gun Flexibility: °

50 mm Front
15 mm Side
15 mm Rear
8 mm Top
8 mm Bottom
30 mm Front (30 mm Gun Shield)
8 mm Side
8 mm Rear
Open Top


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