Wednesday, January 25, 2017

R-1 Light Tank

The R-1 was a Romanian light tank or tankette based on the AH-IV (called the AH-IV-R). The R-1-a was supposed to be a license produced version but only two prototypes were made.
Name: R-1
Type: Light Tank
Origin: Romania
Year: 1938 (contracted 1936)
Produced: 35 (2 R-1-a versions)

Length: 3.2 Meters
Width: 1.815 Meters
Height: 1.685 Meters
Weight: 3500 Kilograms
Speed: 45 km/h (20 km/h off-road)

Crew: 2

Primary Armament:
-7.92 mm ZB-37
Secondary Armament:
-7.92 mm ZB-30

Gun Flexibility: °

12 mm Front
10 mm Side
8 mm Rear
6 mm Top
5 mm Bottom


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