Thursday, March 9, 2017

M-1978 Koksan Self Propelled Artillery

The M-1978 Koksan was a self propelled artillery piece made by North Korea and has been found in the middle east. The vehicle is capable of reaching Seoul from north of the 38th parallel. The vehicle was built on the chassis of the Type 59. It could fire .4 rounds per minute.
Name: M-1978 Koksan
Type: Self Propelled Artillery
Origin: North Korea
Year: 1978
Produced: 100

Length: 6.5 Meters
Width: 3.27 Meters
Height: 3 Meters
Weight: 36300 Kilograms
Speed: 40 km/h

Crew: 6

Primary Armament:
-170 mm Cannon
Secondary Armament:

Gun Flexibility: °



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