Friday, April 7, 2017

12.7 mm M2

The M2 was a common machine gun used during World War II up to the present date.

Name: M2
Type: AA HMG
Origin: United States
Year: 1918
Produced: more than 3 million

Caliber: 12.7
Length: 1854 mm
Weight: 38 kilograms
Range: 2500 Meters

Rate of Fire: 450-600 RPM

200 Meters
     M2 AP: 25 mm
500 Meters
     M2 AP: 19 mm
     M8 AP-I: 16 mm
     M20 AP-IT: 21
     M33 I: 8 mm
     M903 SLAP: 34 mm
600 Meters
     M2 AP: 18 mm
1200 Meters
     M2 AP: 10 mm
     M8 AP-I: 8 mm
     M20 AP-IT: 11 mm
     M33 I: 4 mm
     M903 SLAP: 23 mm
1500 Meters
     M2 AP: 8 mm

Vehicle mounted:


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