Tuesday, April 4, 2017

CM-11 Brave Tiger Main Battle Tank

The CM-11 Brave Tiger (called the M48H my the US military) is a Chinese main battle tank with a M48A2 turret and a M60A3 hull.
Name: CM-11 Brave Tiger
Type: Main Battle Tank
Origin: China
Year: 1990
Produced: 450

Length: 6.946 Meters
Width: 3.632 Meters
Height: ~3.200 Meters
Weight: ~50000 Kilograms
Speed: 48 km/h (25 km/h off-road)

Crew: 4

Primary Armament:
-105 mm M68
Secondary Armament:
-7.62 mm M1919A4 AND
-12.7 mm M2

Gun Flexibility:
19° Elevation
9° Depression

109 mm Upper Front
143 to 85 mm Lower Front
74 to 36 mm Side
25 mm Top Rear 41 to 30 mm Lower Rear
36 mm Top
19 mm Front Bottom 13 mm Back Bottom
178 mm Front (114 mm Gun Shield)
76 mm Side
51 mm Rear
25 mm Top


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